Hair Exquisite Hair Exquisite™ Company Profile Hair Exquisite ™ are Pune , India based importers , manufacturers and suppliers of 100 % Remy virgin Human hair and 100 % flame retardant fibre products Hair Exquisite ™ has worked with women undergoing temporary chemo and prolonged alopecia hair loss for the past 3 years and has crafted products to suit their requirements All Hair Exquisite ™ ready to use products are pre fabricated to fit Indian women with complete hair loss to hair that is short cropped or bob length hair styles in colour and texture options suited for women in the Indian Subcontinent The days of looking at wigs, closures and hair extensions as a unnatural product that immediately gives away what it is are behind us now, you could be wearing an Hair Exquisite ™ product with people around you looking and admiring your hair yet they would not know it is an enhancement and not your real hair The CEO of Hair Exquisite ™ has worked with international brands and professionals with over 40 years of experience in the wig and hair industry and we have crafted products specially suited for women with temporary and long term hair loss, all our retail wigs are made with less than 40 % inside construction, with soft materials and the right accessories used to make the products comfortable Hair Exquisite ™ have always prided themselves for giving out the right information and products for women with medical hair loss and for fashion use and have become the preferred supplier for these products for medical and professional fashion use Hair Exquisite ™ has been invited to and participated in the following cancer awareness camps to display the quality of our products and to give out the right information about medical hair loss and the precautions one should take ,for women who undergo temporary chemo therapy hair loss – • Breast cancer awareness initiative ( Sahyadry Hospital April 2012) • Cancer Survivors camp ( Sahyadry Hospital June 2012) • First Breast Cancer survivors conference ( 6th Oct 2012 , By Women’s cancer Initiative, Breast Friends Of Pune and Sahyadry Hospital ) • Breast cancer awareness camp ( 19th October 2013 – Curie Manavta – Nasik ) For further information on using wigs or closures for medical or fashion requirements or for using Hair extensions for instant length, volume, or texture please log onto our website to view instruction videos, articles, testimonials and other information for the right use and application of our range of products. Thank you and have a great hair day ahead, Sukalp
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